Earlier today there was an accident in Hyde Park in which 9 people were injured. Icey roadways are suspected to have been the cause. Do you feel safe driving on Hudson Valley roadways on days like today?

WRRV Listeners respond:

Sean from Fishkill - With over 16 stop lights on rt 9, from 84 to Wappingers...eh, don't get me goin.

Alice from New York City - No. Just drove from Westchester county to Wappingers Falls and it was a white-knuckle experience. We cancelled our open mic due to the icy roads.

Elsa from Middletown - I feel safe... It's the bad drivers that I worry about.

Lee from Poughkeepsie - People don't know how to drive, dry, rain, snow, anyhow.

Jennifer from New Paltz - You could live in Texas where no one knows how to drive regardless of weather....So I'll say yesss

Leslie from Chester - I love driving in the snow!

Corey from Warwick -  Hmmm maybe its just me. I like driving in the snow.

Here's a few tips on driving in slippery conditions: