I've played multiple instruments through my life. Guitar, trumpet, clarinet. I've owned WAAAAY too many guitars and thankfully I'm down to 2. And I'll always love them.

But everyone once in awhile, I feel a twinge to learn how to play something new. My best friend got me a harmonica for Christmas one year, and just as I was starting to figure out how to play single notes (and getting halfway good at it) my kid got his hands on it and glommed the whole thing shut.

Seriously. It sounds like a wounded duck when you try to play it now.

Anyways, I'm always halfway intrigued by learning a totally different instrument, and thanks to Kongos, I'm thinking of the accordion. Im a big ole Weird Al fan, so I've always loved the sound of the thing. Plus, there's this guy named Bear McCreary who does a lot of tv music and did the music for Battlestar Galactica and actually covered his own music with an accordion. Crazy bad ass nerd-vana going on right there.

BACK ON TRACK! I'm thinking of trying something new. I'm probably going to get a new harmonica. I'd bet the accordion takes waaaaaaay too much coordination and skill to do, so as much as I want to give it a shot, it's probably not going to happen. I'd like to think I can transition to the ukulele, plus I'd think my kid would like how it sounds. Am I missing something that I should give a shot? Bagpipes? Banjo?

If you say kazoo, I'll be really angry but I'll just ignore it and pretend no one said it.