You know you’re from The Hudson Valley when…

You’ve heard of the legend of Onion Town.

Someone tells you to take the Arterial and you know exactly what they mean.

You've tubed the Esopus.

George W. Hales/Fox Photos/Getty Images

The Thruway isn’t just a highway, it’s a market.

You would scream at the radio whenever you heard a Resnick’s Mattress commercial.

You know who Teek and Vee are.

You know what a Playtog is. Borland

You’ve wondered what that giant antenna next to Splash Down on Route 9 is.

You wait in traffic for 3 hours after fireworks end.

You had to explain to people that you didn’t personally know Tawana Brawley.

You remember when Poughkeepsie was “Tree City USA”.

You saw Van Halen at the Orange County Speedway. George

To you, Rolling Rock isn’t only a brand of beer.

You’ve been to a drive in movie.

When someone says they work for the CIA you don’t automatically think they’re a secret agent. Institute of America

You know who Eggbert is.

You can’t drive through Newburgh without getting a hot dog at Pete’s.

You remember when the Walkway was just an ugly train bridge.

If you’re under 18 you don’t even bother going to the mall after 4pm.

You know the difference between UCAT and LOOP.

You remember when the South Hills Mall was a mall. Thomas

You got in a fight at the Orange County Fair.

You know someone that went to school at some place that sounds like you’re choking (OCCC!)

You remember using a coupon book to cross the bridge.

Your first phone contract was with Cellular One.

You’ve been to Berties and Let’s Dance.

You rented movies from Video Treats.

You remember the Cactus Club.

You’ve heard of Pound, Strange Arrangement, Don Lewis and Nuts In A Blender.

You remember the Main Mall.

You know who Rookie, Rene and Rascal are.

You went to a free concert at Media Play.

You’ve heard of a Fairacre Farm.

You’ve used “the 5 Corners” as a land mark.

You can recite the Metro North stops between Poughkeepsie and Grand Central by heart.

The thought of a 4-H Milkshakes makes you drool.

You correct people who think that Woodstock took place in Woodstock.

Three Lions/Getty Images

You’ve been to a Roof-A-Thon.

You know the difference between the Quickway and Route 17.

You claim to have seen the Police’s first show at The Chance.

You went on a field trip to a mansion or an estate.

You had your film developed at Lloyds in Middletown.

You get pissed when people say you live “Upstate”.

You’ve still use “BASKETS” as a landmark, even though it’s now “NESTING dolls”

You’re 845 but used to be 914.

You’ve heard of Hamilton Fish.

You bought your first CD Player at Lechmere.


I'm sure we left out plenty.  Add yours in the comments section below...