Welcome to one of the best weeks of your life, National Breakfast Week. I think it’s a dream to eat breakfast for the first meal of the day, lunch and dinner. Who else agrees? Breakfast food is always fun even after finding a way to make it healthy. This is also your reminder to eat breakfast and something that will last you until your first snack of the day (first, not the last ha-ha).

We live in a world filled with the glamourous life of brunch, which I absolutely enjoy. Let’s incorporate this brunch feel into making the best of National Breakfast Week. Will you try new recipes, cook something you’ve been craving or check out new hot spots?

I’m hooking you up some of the best breakfast spots that I have been to in the Hudson Valley. Cheers to the best meal of the day.


Noble Coffee Roasters, Campbell Hall, NY

This local hotspot is one of my favorites in the area. From their delicious, handmade treats to the relaxed and therapeutic ambience, it’s hard for me to leave. I look forward to their monthly flavors and new food items. They roast their own coffee on site and sell in their shop and to other businesses. The friendly staff are super welcoming and bring a smile to their local customers faces. Check out their mouth-watering menu here.


The Bakery, New Paltz, NY

I heard about The Bakery a few years and totally had to check it out. Upon arriving, I was thinking about breakfast food but also had my eye on those Italian rainbow cookies. Cookies for breakfast is suitable, right? They have plenty of options for almost every dietary need. Their old school style makes you feel right at home. Here’s the Bakery’s menu.

Deising’s Bakery, Kingston, NY

If you’re looking for THE place to go for breakfast out, then here it is. They have been open since 1965 and are known as an award-winning bakery and restaurant. Growing up, I would go here with my grandparents and it truly has that home feel to it. It seems that everyone knows each other there. To me, I love when food brings people together, it’s a beautiful thing. I love their traditional menu style, check it out here.


Phoenicia Diner, Phoenicia, NY

I can’t recall a time in my life that my heart didn’t light up when I heard the word 'diner.' There’s something about the diner atmosphere and food that makes anyway so much better. Upon traveling, I came across the Phoenicia Diner and heard really great things about it. You can travel in and around this town and explore all the neat places. Be sure to stop here for all those diner feels, its worth it. My mouth is drooling looking at their menu.


Along with checking out these delicious, breakfast spots within the Hudson Valley, consider other folks as well. At times, not everyone has access to a good meal. If you’re feeling generous, I’m sure that there are local pantries or organizations that could use an extra box of cereal or a monetary donation. Let’s spread kindness and peace throughout 2021.

Where’s your favorite place to have breakfast in the Hudson Valley? Let me know below.

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