As time moves on society and the people in it evolve but sometimes things never get replaced or changed and you find yourself looking at some very weird laws that you could violate without even realizing it.

New York State became a part of the United States back on July 26th, 1788 and since then a lot has changed, but not all the laws.

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Here are 5 VERY bizarre laws that are still on the books in New York.

It is illegal to eat ice cream at a bus stop - Not sure if this was a major problem back in the day, but if the police are feeling up to it, you could get fined for enjoying ice cream while waiting at the bus stop.


It is illegal to put your thumb in your nose and wiggle your fingers at someone in anger -  This reminds me of a skit from Monty Python's "Search For The Holy Grail". Add the smell of elderberry and you have a hit comedy on your hands. I guess if someone angers you, use your words and tell them off.

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It is illegal to sell dog or cat hair - Yep, next time you give your fur baby a haircut make sure to throw it the fur out. If you for some reason try to sell it, you could be in big trouble.

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It is illegal to talk to someone in an elevator - Some people might prefer that this law gets enforced a lot more. But if you want to talk about the latest gossip make sure you do before hoping on the elevator. It is illegal to hold a conversation on an elevator in New York.


It Is illegal to wear slippers after 10 pm. Hopefully, you are not a night owl or always have cold feet, because keeping them warm at night with slippers is a big no-no in New York.

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