Every Friday at 5 pm Simon counts down the top 5 most requested songs of the week with the WRRV Buzzcuts.

The Killers kicked off the countdown today with their latest, 'Run For Cover'. Thirty Seconds To Mars recently debuted their new song 'Dangerous Night' on Colbert, the camera work is pretty wild, you might want to rethink it if you get motion sickness easily. Imagine Dragons will be playing SPAC this summer and 'Whatever It Takes' is back within the top three. Lovelytheband recently stopped by the studios to talk about the advantages of downloading the WRRV mobile app. Their new song 'Broken' continues to work its way up the charts. AJR was just in town and 'Sober Up' is just hitting its stride, finishing as the #1 WRRV Buzzcut for the week.

5. Killers 'Run For Cover'

4. Thirty Seconds To Mars 'Dangerous Night'

3. Imagine Dragons 'Whatever It Takes'

2. Lovelytheband 'Broken'

1. AJR 'Sober Up'