We know there's an app for just about everything these days, but I have to admit, the email I received this week from Amazon had me questioning what is happening in the world.

With the amount of online shopping I do on a regular basis, plus the fact that I've been doubling down lately with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, I've been getting a ton of emails from Amazon, but this one stood out among the rest.

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'The Flu Doesn't Wait For An Appointment' - Says Amazon Health/One Medical

Convenience is key, that should probably be a slogan for Amazon, but this particular 'convenience' has got some people, myself included, concerned.

Get a care team on call for common illnesses, mental health concerns, chronic conditions, and more.

For $9 a month, plus $6 a month for additional members (up to 6 in total), Prime members can have access to 'a modern approach to primary care' through the same service that delivers your monthly subscriptions of cat litter, paper towels and granola bars.

Kit L.
Kit L.

One Medical, which was acquired by Amazon in early 2023 for nearly $4 billion, works with insurance just like a typical doctor's office, 'but makes it more comfortable and convenient to get care.'

Treating both adults and children, and issues such as everyday illness to chronic conditions, as well as mental health, One Medical will offer 24/7 on-demand virtual care, longer appointment slots, and even primary care offices across the US for in-person visits.

a doctor wearing a medical coat doing a virtual call with another person on the computer screen

One Medical Isn't New, The Prime Member Benefit Is

While the program itself isn't brand new, the One Medical pricing for Prime members just launched recently.

screenshot of an email message about Amazon 'One Medical' with pricing information

Recent coverage from the Associated Press of Amazon's latest attempt to move forward in the healthcare world cites that patients can connect with providers around the clock, and have the option for in-person visits if there is a One Medical location close by.

The company said [Wednesday] that its membership fee covers the cost for the virtual visits. But customers would have to pay for any visits they make to the company’s One Medical primary care offices. They can use insurance for that.

With our heavy reliance on Telehealth and virtual visits with the doctor lately, is this something that you'd consider, or are you going to stick with your established doctors...that is, if you can get an appointment?

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My concern is seeing a doctor through this service who has no connection to my primary doctor or to my previous health records, but that's just my own opinion...you can weigh in here with yours.

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