I'll be the first to admit that my primary use for Hudson Valley Craigslist is strictly for entertainment purposes. I'm sure I'm not alone when I scroll through the missed connections and reading about what could have been had the submitter actually said something.

In the Women for men section I came across a post about a woman who was inspired by the kindness of a stranger. The simple act of holding the door open for her caught her attention and according to her post, his eyes made her nervous.

Moments like that stick with people. This woman proceeded to her car only to wait in the parking. Hoping to muster up enough courage to approach this guy, she could not. Fear of rejection won this time but the hope for a second chance encounter remains.

Do you remember holding the door for someone at The East Fishkill Dunkin Donuts? Check out this Craigslist missed connection and maybe that second chance can happen for the both of you!