If you're physically capable of returning your cart to the corral and you choose not to then you're a subhuman monster.

I know those are harsh words but you caught me on a bad day. This might be one of the worst Monday's of the year. Not only was it freezing but we also lost an hour. My only Would anyone judge me if I got my St. Patrick's Day drinking on early?

I really am the last person to complain about something like this but my fuse has been extremely short today. We all

There I was just sitting in the parking lot at the grocery store just minding my own business while jamming out to some tunes and eating the lunch I just scored from the deli section when all of a sudden I hear a loud crash. Not only did I hear it but I also felt it as my entire car shook.

The crash was so loud and the impact was so heavy that my first thought was that someone hit me with their car. The I noticed the cart dragging and scraping along the side of my car.

I got out to see what happened and move the cart to see a person staring at me from across the lot. They quickly got in their SUV and sped off.

Put your damn cart away!

One of two things happened. Either this person just let it go on the a windy day or just threw down the hill of the parking lot. Both are just downright disrespectful.


They won the battle but I won the war. I returned their cart and got their quarter. Victory is so sweet.


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