It has been about two weeks since the gates re-opened at the Trailside Museums and Zoo at Bear Mountain State Park, NY. Forced to close for most of the summer due to a severe storm and flash flooding at the beginning of July, visitors were welcomed back on September 1, 2023.

I think it is safe to say that both the animals and the staff are happy to have everyone back but it is especially enjoyable for a few of the Zoo residents. Five of them are celebrating "Gotcha Month" at the Zoo.

Do You Know the Term Gotcha Day?

Trailside Museums and Zoo at Bear State Park via Facebook Beaver
Trailside Museums and Zoo at Bear State Park via Facebook Beaver

If you have adopted a pet recently you may have heard of this term. It refers to the day that an animal came to live with you. It is an anniversary and sort of a secondary birthday all in one.

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5 of the Trailside Museums and Zoo residents get to call the month of September their Gotcha Month. One dating as far back as 2017. Lisa the grey phase Eastern Screech Owl came to the Bear Mountain State Park Zoo in September of 2017 with permanent damage to both eyes.

5 Very Different Animals Are All Celebrating Gotcha Month at the Bear Mountain Zoo

Often the animals that end up at the zoo are a rescue of sorts. The zoo environment offers them care and quality of life while at the same time giving us the chance to learn about them and see these beautiful creatures up close.

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Along with Lisa the Screech Owl, Pee Wee the Short-tailed Weasel, Big Beave the North American Beaver, George the Wild Turkey, and Widget the Eastern Milksnake all get to celebrate Gotcha Month in September. If you have plans to visit the zoo this month be sure to visit them.

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