If you have never tried an apple fritter from Stewart's, you really have no idea what you are missing!! I think I might have a problem...LOL.

For many years I've shared online and on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show, heard on the family of Wolf radios stations in the Hudson Valley and greater Danbury Connecticut area, that I honestly think the best snack I've ever eaten can be found inside Stewart's Shop convenience stores.

Apple Fritters at Stewart's Shops

Let me start by saying that I have never been paid any money for anything I've ever said or written about Stewart's, not one cent! So what I'm about to explain is a REAL feeling about a "treat", from a true snack-eating fool!! It was probably 3+ years ago when I was standing in line waiting to pay for something at the Stewart's Shop on Creek Rd. in Poughkeepsie, NY. As I was waiting I looked to my left and saw some saran-wrapped snacks that looked pretty good. Up until then, I was a donut guy but for some reason that day I grabbed an apple fritter and I haven't stopped talking about them since!

They are a perfect mix of icing, dough, seasonings, and apple flavors (I don't even know all the ingredients...LOL) all put together to create snack HEAVEN!! My love for them has stuck with my friends over the years because when Stewart's announced they were holding a contest (more on that here) looking for songs or poems about Stewart's products or experiences that happened at Stewart's, I was overwhelmed by messages saying I should enter something apple fritter related.

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Apple Fritter Poems

After researching the Stewart's contest, I decided with the help of numerous fans (and AI...LOL) of the radio show to come up with some poems that would help to express my love for the apple fritter. Here are a few of the finished poems...

"Oh, Stewart's Shop, your fritters steal my heart,
A symphony of flavors, a culinary work of art.
Each bite is a revelation, a taste that's pure divine,
A pastry paradise, where happiness aligns.

Oh, Stewart's Shop, your apple fritters divine,
In their sugary bliss, love and happiness combine.

So, here's to Stewart's Shop, a place so dear,
Where apple fritters reign, their taste so clear.
I'll forever love those treats, a forever bond,
For in their deliciousness, my heart has found its song."

Friends & Family Apple Fritter Poems

Kim texted us through the Wolf Country app that after hearing example poems on the radio, she had to share her husband's poem. She wrote,

"My husband chimes in and says “Stepped on a critter while reading my twitter and eating a bitter apple fritter. Saw the sitter covered in glitter change the litter for my cat Skitter. Walking to the shi**er."

Paige and Debbie from Pine Bush, NY sent us,

"You make my heart flicker as I run over a critter trying to get to Stewart's for my apple fritter so my life doesn't become so bitter 👏👏👏"

Jaclyn from Ridgefield, CT sent us,

"Apple fritter, the true all-time hitter. Making everything around me seem to glitter"

The deadline to enter Stewart's contest is May 26th, but even if that date has passed and you think you can share a better poem, PLEASE send it to us through the Wolf Country app.

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