Spring means allergies...GREAT.

It happens every year. And every year, I forget how much I hate it. I'm talking about allergy season. Whenever it comes, I seem to forget that I have been dealing with allergies my entire life. But this year feels different.

By different, I mean that this year feels worse. I feel like I'm sneezing more. I'm blowing my nose more. My eyes itch more. Everything feels amplified. IT SUCKS. I don't know if there's more pollen this year or if my body is just deteriorating, but something needs to change. I can't take it anymore!

Maybe I'm just going crazy, but maaaaybe I'm not. Do you feel your allergies are worse this year? I tried talking to family and friends about it, but no one seems to be on my side. So I'm looking to you for some validation. Have you noticed your allergy symptoms are worse this year compared to last year?

One of the big things my boyfriend pointed out to me is that we didn't really go outside during last year's allergy season. You know, the March and April months of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Those months where people were terrified to leave their homes in fear of contracting the deadly virus. I'm not making fun of anyone for not leaving their homes, I was one of those people who were too afraid to leave! But it makes sense that I feel my allergies are worse compared to last year because last year I wasn't around pollen as much.

While I take my Allegra each day and hope for sweet relief, I hope you can validate that allergy season 2021 is extra awful.

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