The city of Poughkeepsie is full of overlooked awesomeness. Whether it's the delis we get our lunch from, the pizzeria, concerts at The Chance or events at The Mid-Hudson Civic Center. Whatever we need we have it here. While many changes have occurred in The Queen City of New York, the pulse has always remained constant. This City is alive with a positive energy that never left. There are examples everywhere if you just know where to look.


As you can see in the photo above, the farmer's market is open every Thursday.

The Arlington Street Fair is just one example of good energy in this area. On Saturday, Sept. 29, the street fair will take place on Raymond Avenue near Vassar College. The beautiful landscape that is this district is surrounded by the students of the next generation. Always thinking outside the box, these students keep to their studies and know that everything they need is right outside their campus gates.

According to their website and my own experiences there in the past, the Arlington Street Fair will have plenty of vendors, free entertainment, children's activities and even dogs are welcome. My dog Duggar has actually been to this fair more than I have. But that's because he rules. He knows where the good vibes are.