At the Drive-In's reunion hasn't gone as well as they had planned. First, guitarist Jim Ward quit on the eve of the tour back in March. Now, problems with singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala's voice have forced them to cancel the last six dates of the North American leg.

The news comes after two shows this week in Washington, D.C. (June 15) and New York (June 17) were called off. This morning, they posted the following message to their Facebook page. "Apologies to all our fans who have tickets but following our news earlier tonight, we regret to announce that all further shows on our North American tour, up to and including the Amnesia Festival appearance on June 25th are cancelled. Tickets can be refunded from point of purchase. We will be back to make up these shows in the future. Thank you for your continued support."

In addition to Montreal's Amnesia Festival, they are skipping shows in Boston, Detroit and Toronto. According to NME, last night's concert at New York's Terminal 5 was canceled at the last minute, after fans were already inside. Drummer Tony Hajjar told the crowd, "We feel absolutely horrible but we have a goal, our goal is to continue being a band for a very long time. We will be back, and this is really, really hard to do right now. We feel horrible. Obviously we set up, we’re here. We sound-checked, and we couldn’t get to it and it’s not plausible for us to do a show. And this is New York, this means the world to us. Terminal 5 means the world to us.”

Hajjar's words were met with a barrage of boos, causing guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez to counter with, "Thanks for being patient. ... He can’t sing, that’s the reality, we’re bummed out, you’re bummed out, you showed up, we showed up, this is what we’re dealing with. We’re really sorry guys. We really love you, thank you so much for coming down.”

Despite the cancellations, the band still has its European dates, which run from June 29 through July 24, and its week-long tour of Korea and Japan, on its calendar.

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