Whether you're a fan of Avenged Sevenfold, a fan of Guitar Hero or more importantly both then this is very exciting news!

A7X has been working with Guitar Hero on some sweet jams but now they're brining a whole new experience to the fans...a live experience! You can rock out with the entire band and play along to some of their favorite tunes. The event premiered last night but there are plenty of other opportunities! Take a look at the schedule below...think of it as an early Christmas gift!

Ps...Thank you to the guys over at Loudwire for the heads up on this one!

A7X Rock Classics Broadcast Times

Tuesday, Dec. 22 at 5:30AMPM PT (World Premiere)
Wednesday, Dec. 23 at 1:30AM, 9:30AM and 6:00PM PT
Thursday, Dec. 24 at 2:00AM, 10:00AM and 8:30PM. PT
Friday, Dec. 25 at 4:30AM, 12:30PM, 5:30PM and 9:30PM PT
Saturday, Dec. 26 at 5:30AM, 9:30AM, 7:30PM and 11:00PM PT
Sunday, Dec. 27 at 7:30AM, 11:00PM and 7:00PM PT
Monday, Dec. 28 at 3:00AM, 11:00AM and 5:30PM PT
Tuesday, Dec. 29 at 1:30AM and 9:30AM PT