The force is strong with the New York State police force.

The hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian is one of the most-watched streaming series in history. The show just wrapped up its second season last month in spectacular fashion (we wish we could discuss it, but it's just too good to spoil!). Die-hard Star Wars fans as well as people who don't know a Wookie from an Ewok are all raving about this groundbreaking series.

So, it's no surprise that the New York State police are fans of The Mandalorian's most popular character, the child. Incorrectly referred to as "baby yoda," the child, who's real name is Grogu, has literally stolen the show. This mysterious creature is the same species as Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back, but very little else is known about his origin.

On Monday, Grogu was spotted assisting a New York State Police officer, reminding citizens to follow the rules of the road. A photo, posted to the department's Facebook page, shows the child sitting behind the keyboard inside a state police cruiser.

A caption under the photo urges drivers to "move over, follow the speed limit and put down the electronic device wile driving." The message ends with the Mandalorian mantra, "this is the way."

It's unclear if the child is a regular passenger in this state trooper's patrol car or just visiting for the day. But just to be safe, the officer may want to keep a close eye on the shiny handle on their stick shift.

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