All you wanted were a couple of items at your local Walmart. You patiently wait in line at the only checkout lane with an actual employee working the cash register when you suddenly hear a piercingly loud BANG! Wait, was that a gun? In this particular case, it was. So, how did a gun somehow fire in a checkout line of all places?

Police say they “received a report of an accidental misfiring of a weapon” Monday night at a Walmart store. However, authorities say this was not an intentional act. It appears a customer accidentally fired the 9mm handgun while rummaging through her purse while in the checkout line. No, ma'am, that's not a coupon book you're reaching for there. Investigators say the woman's toddler was with her at the time the accident occurred. Luckily, police say that no one was hurt after the weapon was misfired.

Now, the 31-year-old woman could face the potential loss of her license to carry a firearm, according to sources. Police say she will be with discharging a firearm within 500 feet of an occupied building. Sources say she could be in further hot water considering her child was with her at the time.

You see some really crazy things sometimes at Walmart. In late October. News 21 reported that a 20-year-old was charged after throwing a cold chicken at a woman's head. The assault happened at a Walmart Supercenter in Chambersburg, PA, according to Pennsylvania State Police. There is no indication at this time why the bird was tossed at the back of the woman's head, to begin with, but you have to wonder how things could have escalated to that point?

There was also another incident related to food back in the Spring, as police say a fight broke out in the potato chip aisle at a Walmart in the Midwest. It is uncertain what exactly the history was between the two combatants, but PIX 11 is reporting that a woman was arrested after she allegedly smacked another woman in the face with a 10-pound log of prepackaged meat. Police say the suspect first tried to spit in the face of the victim and then decided to pull out the big stops by whacking the other woman with the 10-pound piece of meat right in the kisser. Ouch.

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