More positivity and signs like this should be in the Hudson Valley.

Let's face it, our world isn't easy these days and we all need a little positive energy sometimes. Positivity can come in all forms, it can just be someone holding the door for you, someone flashing you a smile or a sweet sign with a great message.

After a very, very long day, I had to drop off a decline card at the Beekman Post Office for a wedding I was invited to and can't attend due to work commitments. Needless to say, I was not in the best mood and I was not happy about not being able to attend. It's never fun to know you're going to be missing out on something, especially something as special as a wedding.

I dropped off the letter, felt pretty bad, and sat in my car for a few minutes before figuring out where I needed to head next. I started to look to my right and I noticed something pretty special in the corner.

What special signs have been getting a lot of attention in the Hudson Valley?

There were a few signs right near the Beekman Post Office that had some sweet and inspiring messages on them.

One said, "Magic Is What Happens When The Power Of Our Dreams Meets With The Determination Of Our Hearts". The other sign said, "SMILE ALL DAY!".


Maybe it was just something I really needed to hear that day and I could relate, but I felt better after reading those signs. I'm a Disney lover so anything that has to do with magic will always grab my attention and in a world that's so negative it was truly nice to see something kind.

More places and businesses should have signs like this outside. For one, it attracts attention and people can't help but notice them. Two, you never know how someone is feeling and it can bring a smile to someone unexpectedly.

Shoutout to the Beekman Post Office for the great signs and for spreading a little more positivity in the Hudson Valley.

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