I don't know what it has been lately, but I have been ordering so much pizza. Typically, I cook at home, but for some reason recently, I've been ordering out for pizza a lot. I realized that it was getting bad when I saw 4 pizza boxes stacked on top of the garbage. I think I have a problem.

Is enjoying pizza really that much of a problem? For this sake of this article, I am going to say no! Now, living in Dutchess County, I have so many great places to choose from, but people have told me that Westchester pizza is to die for. I'm not surprised to hear that it is high quality, considering they are very close to the city. Do they beat out Dutchess County in regards to taste, that I'm not sure. I may have to take a trip and sample some pizza all around Westchester. That could be a fun idea to do with friends or on a date! Feel free to use that idea for your next outing.

What I can conclusively say at that this moment is that Westchester pizza is highly rated, especially on Google. You Google reviewers sure are busy in that area because I was able to find 20 of the highest rated pizzerias around Westchester. Majority of these restaurants have hundreds of reviews, and they all have a rating no less than 4 Stars!

Is your favorite pizzeria on this list? If not, tell us where your go-to spot is! Never hesitate to reach out and text us on the WRRV app!

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