Changes and improvements could potentially come to a Hudson Valley train line.

On Wednesday, March 31, President Joe Biden unveiled a $2 trillion infrastructure plan for the U.S. In this plan, some funds will be allocated to improve roads and transportation. According to Business Insider, Amtrak released a statement that plans for changes and updates to their rail track.

Amtrak said that they could build an expanded U.S. rail network with $80 billion of President Biden's $2 trillion dollar plan, according to Business Insider. This would create over 30 new routes and improve rail service as well. People are mainly focusing on how it would impact the west, which is lacking in train service options. However, Amtraks proposed plans could affect the Hudson Valley.

In a press release Amtrak said:

With a growing and diverse population, a global climate crisis and longer traffic jams, America needs a rail network that offers frequent, reliable, sustainable, and equitable train service. Amtrack has the vision and expertise to deliver it.

In Amtrak's plan to expand and improve train lines, the Empire Service Train is included. The Empire Service Train runs from New York City to Albany, and then to Buffalo and Niagara Falls. This line makes stops in Poughkeepsie, Croton-Harmon, and Rhinecliff. The Empire Service Train is highlighted in a press release as a train line that would receive upgrades and improvements. The upgrades are not specific, but many hope that Amtrak will install a high-speed rail in the area. At this time, it is unclear if the funds will even be allocated for Amtrak to use to upgrade the Empire Service Train.

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