Bring Me the Horizon will soon have another high profile collaboration on their hands, though they remain a little coy about where it might end up. During a chat with MTV Rocks Chart host Jack Saunders (seen below), the band confirmed that they have indeed been "scheming" with Yungblud about working together on a new song.

The first clue that something was afoot came late last month when Yungblud tweeted to Bring Me the Horizon's Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish that they should check their inboxes, with Sykes tweeting back an "eyes" emoji.

While speaking with Saunders, Sykes explained, "Yeah, we've been scheming. We've got something coming," but when asked if the Yungblud collaboration would be included with the band's proposed Post Human EPs, Sykes offered, "Maybe, maybe not" with a smile.

When asked about other possible guests on the forthcoming EPs, Jordan Fish stepped in, explaining, "We're going to have four different kinda EPs. With different vibes it gives us a bit more of an opportunity, like whereas on Amo we had three guests there from completely different worlds, I think we might kinda theme our guests a bit more around what's going on with each EP."

He added, "This one I guess is a bit more people who are angry and I guess rock-y. When we get into the other EPs it'll give us a chance to maybe have some other people on who are a bit more left field or a bit more out of the box for our band."

Earlier this year, Bring Me the Horizon revealed that rather than release a full album, they were intending to serve up four EPs as part of their Post Human project that would arrive throughout the next year. Bring Me the Horizon returned in June with their song "Parasite Eve."

As for that Yungblud collaboration, stay tuned.

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