Over the last few years, this would be about the time of year that I would be sharing information about the Orange County Fair Speedway (OCFS) and what they had planned for the upcoming season. OCFS would be getting ready for opening night at the track for the new season.

It is not news that racing, as it has been in the past won't be happening at the Orange County Fair Speedway. However, this doesn't mean that there won't be events happening at the Fairgrounds on Wisner Avenue in Middletown, New York. Just this past weekend there was an event that drew hundreds maybe even thousands to the speedway.

Trucks Rip it Up at the Orange County Fair Speedway in April

Family - US via Facebook
Family - US via Facebook

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If you were anywhere near Middletown last weekend I don't have to tell you that the crowd was large at the Diesels of NY Season Opener. They had vendors, a tug-of-war, and held Burnouts. The fairgrounds came alive for the Season Opener Truck Meet.

Family - US via Facebook
Family - US via Facebook

Diesel of NY Thanks Fan and Law Enforcement for the Support at OCFS

The organizers shared thank yous on Facebook to everyone who came out. They even thanked the Wallkill Police, the NY State Troops the Orange County Fair Speedway, and Staff along with the Burnout National Team for all the help and support.

Burnout Nationals Return to the Orange County Fair Speedway in April

I will be honest I had no idea that this type of event even existed. By the looks of the turnout last Saturday, Obviously, I live under a rock. Seriously all joking aside for people looking for entertainment at the Orange County Fair Grounds this year I am going on the record to say it may not be racing on the track but it appears some pretty cool stuff is on the schedule this spring and summer.

Family - US via Facebook
Family - US via Facebook

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If you are looking to head out to a Burnout you are in luck because the next round of fun is ready to peel out on April 20th, 2024 at OCFS. Don't miss the Burnout Nationals $15,000 Burnout Competition. These are ticketed events and if you plan on taking your truck and competing you will also need a Pit Pass. Get to burnoutnationals.com to order both.

What is a Burnout Meet

I am just starting to learn about Burnout Meets. I reached out to Diesel of New York for their full schedule and more information but have not heard back yet. From what I can tell they are great fun. Lots of big and funky trucks. Lots of vendors with stuff for you and your truck. At some point during the event people who are competing will go to the burnout area and show you what they can do to a set of tires.

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