There is a small town in Columbia County New York where everyone seems to have a different pronunciation for. Which one is correct and which ones seem to be wrong? To be honest it all depends on who you speak to and if they 'grew up there' or not.

The first time I saw this town's name, I was driving north into to Columbia County, with the person I would soon marry, to meet his parents. They lived in Ghent (gent) NY, to get there on the route we were taking we had to pass through this town, that looks to me like it would be pronounced one way, but when my soon-to-be husband said the name of the town, it didn't match what I was reading on the sign.

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What is the town in Columbia County NY that no one knows how to pronounce?

Google Maps
Google Maps

The town in which I speak is Claverack NY. Oh, yes, I know I am about to open up a huge can of worms. How do you pronounce this town? There are pretty much three different ways to say it.

  • Clar-verk, Is this the correct way? This is the way that it was said to me, and I was like 'Huh?' How do you get that annunciation from the way that it is spelled? This is the way that my husband's family (who grew up in Columbia County) said that it is supposed to be pronounced.
  • Cla-ver-ack. That would make sense, right? It is the way that you might think it is pronounced if you have never heard a 'native' say it.
  • Clav-rack. This is the way that I have heard people from Northern Columbia County say it. Almost akin to the Aff-lack duck but Clav-Rack.

What is the correct way to say Claverack New York?

Google maps
Google maps

How do you say it? Feel free to weigh in on the conversation, especially if you pronounce it in a completely different way than listed above. Thank you!

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