There are certain food and drinks that I could never live without. Pasta is one of those things. It's fast and easy to make, but it is also so delicious. Whether it is baked ziti, penne al a vodka, tortellini Alfredo, lasagna, or even Mac and Cheese, you can expect me to be going back for seconds. My hips and waistline might appreciate it if I cut back on pasta, but I would not be nearly as jolly.

As for my dad, he could never give up Pepsi. That man runs on Pepsi, it runs through his veins. He'll have at least a bottle of Pepsi a day in order to get through work. When it comes to my mom, I would have to say sweet tea, especially Pure Leaf's Iced Tea. It's funny how some of our favorite restaurants know our drink orders by heart.

I got curious and wanted to ask the Hudson Valley would food and drinks they could not live without. There were a few things that weren't commented that I was sure would. First of all, no one said alcohol/beer. I was impressed. To be honest, I was ready to place bets that that would be a top contender. I am happy to see there must be some self-control.

Another food I thought we would see a lot of was pizza. We have so many pizza places in the Hudson Valley. New York pizza is legendary! I guess we are just desensitized to the fact that we have pizza like no one else.

Anyway, check out the list of foods and drinks people did write in. Do you agree? Is there anything you would add to the list? Message us on the app, or comment on Facebook.

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