A new dinosaur theme park has been proposed for Orange County just off Route 17. The proposed attraction for the Town of Wallkill is approximately 10 miles up the road from the ongoing Legoland development. According to Real Estate In-Depth, the proposal has been submitted to Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus and Wallkill Supervisor Frank DenDanto by Orange County Dinosaur Park, LLC which operates similar parks in New Jersey and Kansas.

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The 'Dinosaur Kingdom' project is proposed for a 137-acre plot of land just off Exit 116 on Route 17. The total cost of the park varies depending on what type of dinosaur attractions are included. Developers could choose to use straight-up replicas or more advance animatronic options that would be much more expensive.

Plans call for the park to occupy about 1/3 of the plot of land in the Fair Oaks part of town and calls for the project to be green. No rides were included in the initial plans and the layout would allow guests to interact with the dinosaur replicas.

The New Jersey park, Field Station Dinosaurs, features more than 30 moving and life size animatronic dinosaurs. They will reopen in the spring of 2021 and tickets go on sale Friday, November 27. Here's a peek inside the New Jersey facility to get an idea of what we can expect if the park comes to fruition.

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