There is an online magazine, called The Dyrt, that recently released what they are calling their Ultimate Camping Road Trip list of stops for the fall of 2021. I am sure that you will not be surprised (just like I wasn't) that a place "Upstate New York" made the list for fall colors/foliage.

This site even laid out a nation wide list and itinerary of places that you might like to check out to see the leaves as they change across the United States. The adventure that they suggest you check out starts in Wyoming and ends in Virginia. There are suggestions as to where to stay all along the path, along with activities near the campground, etc.

So tell us, which Hudson Valley Campground is the best one to check out fall colors?

The place that made the "Ultimate 2021 Fall Foliage Camping Road Trip" is the North-South Lake Campground & Day Use Area, located in the Catskills, more specifically Tannersville.

Their list suggests the optimal time to check out the colors in the Catskills as October 11-17, 2021. I checked with the campgrounds websites and they do still have reservations available for this year up through their closing date of October 24.

Campsites look to be pretty affordable, $22. Here is a link so you can check out the site for yourself.

Have you ever been camping there at the North-South Lake Site? Do you agree that they see some great fall colors? Or would you suggest to them (and everyone else) that they make a different stop on their camping tour to see colors in the Catskills, Hudson Valley or Capital Region? Share your thoughts with us.

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