It may be time for Mulder and Scully to come out of retirement after a discovery in the Catskill mountains. A local hiker recently took to Reddit looking for answers to something that many people say looks extraterrestrial.

Have Aliens Landed in the Catskills?

"What is this? I noticed this while hiking in the Catskills NY. I’m assuming is a fungus but I thought it was gorgeous!" began the post, along with a photo of the mystery find (below). The image showed the hiker holding what looks like emerald-colored crystal spikes protruding from a small broken tree branch... until you look closer.

Wild Theories for Hudson Valley Find

"I've been watching too many alien invasion shows lately", said one commenter. "It's kryptonite!", joked another. "Not saying this is but try not to touch anything that is of bright colors in nature. It's usually poisonous", was some more prudent advice. Other comments recognized that the find may not be a strange growth at all.

The Truth Comes Out

"The spikes are actually just the wood itself with a changed color (above), and not something growing from it", observed a Reddit user. It looks like they're right. Even though there's nothing "alien" about the find, the reason behind the color is fascinating.

Chlorociboria in the Hudson Valley

"Surprised this was not mentioned yet but people make art out of this wood. Search Chlorociboria Creations, or Chlorociboria Art", said an educated comment. The fungus (below), also called "green elfcup" can leave stains where their root lay, turning ordinary wood into an extraordinary find.

weinkoetz via Canva
weinkoetz via Canva

Keep an eye out on your next hike, and maybe you can find some chlorociboria-stained wood of your own. If you need some tips on which adventure to take, check out some of the most interesting options below.

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