This cat is bringing a whole new meaning to scratching up Anthony's Nose.

Hey there cool cats and kittens. I have to give these cat owners some serious props because when I tried put my cat on I leash all it did was scratch the heck out me. I certainly didn't try to get in the car or hike up Breakneck Ridge with it.

This could be purrhaps the most cathletic feline in the entire Hudson Valley. In fact, she might be more active than most people.

It's hard enough for a human to hike up some of the local mountains by themselves let alone with a cat on a leash.

The cat's name is Marina and she's quite the adventure cat. She's been on enough adventures to earn the nickname 'Adventure Cat.' Marina is from right here in the Hudson Valley and has been getting viral attention after her owners posted a picture of her on Facebook completing a hike up Vly Mountain in the Catskills.

Credit: @marina_ventures
Credit: @marina_ventures

Marina isn't actually on a leash in the traditional sense. It's more of a harness.

Marina began her harness straining at just four months old. This is just one of many hikes that Marina has completed here in the Hudson Valley. After completing harness training, Marina and her owners have tackled Anthony’s Nose, Breakneck Ridge, Storm King, Mount Beacon, Bearpen and Vly was her first Catskill Peak.

Be sure to cheer this cool cat over social media. You can keep up with all of Marina's adventures on her social media page, @marina_ventures.

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