Little in America went the way people expected in Election 2016, and anyone watching Stephen Colbert’s live 2016 Showtime special can certainly attest to that. The mood was one of shock, far more than laughter, but leave it to Colbert to still get audiences on their feet with a rousing, sober (barely) assessment of the world going forward.

Showtime released a plurality of clips from the still-aptly titled Stephen Colbert’s Live Election Night Democracy’s Series Finale: Who’s Going To Clean Up This Sh*t?, including the extended sign-off bit that saw a bewildered Colbert reminiscing about his own family, and calling for unity in smaller things.

Said Colbert at the end:

Let’s agree we never, ever have another election like the one we just had. The election is over, you survived. Goodnight and may God bless America.

You can check out additional clips from the special below (CBS will re-air the event on Friday, albeit more censored than the Showtime version), and hey, as long as we’re electing TV stars to the highest office, anyone wanna throw Stephen Colbert’s name in the ring?