Katie Couric is producing a new cooking show on the FYI Network. 'Scraps' follows Chef Joel Gamoran as he travels the country using food scraps to make delicious dishes. Their latest episode was filmed in the Hudson Valley.

Westchester Magazine reports Gamoran was driving around Beacon when he realized how amazing the area is. He states regarding the Hudson Valley, 'It's one of the most incredible areas in the country'.

In the Hudson Valley episode, he teams with Jenne Claiborne of Brooklyn's The Nourishing Vegan concoct several vegetable based dishes. Gamoran claims that a good amount of the menu is planned out ahead of time, but there is a lot of improvisation when it comes time to start filming. He claims his time at the CIA in Hyde Park was instrumental in his success.

The show airs on FYI and aired for the first time Sunday, but be sure to check your local listings for reruns.