Believe it or not, artists can actually get tired of some of their own songs. During an interview with Revolver for an upcoming issue, Corey Taylor picked which Slipknot song he finds the most overrated, as well as the one he thinks is sorely underrated.

Slipknot now have seven studio albums under their belt, so they have a large catalog to choose from when planning setlists for shows. But they've been performing songs from their 1999 self-titled release for well over two decades, as many of them are fan-favorites, especially since it was the album that put them on the map. One of those songs, however, Taylor finds overrated, and doesn't necessarily enjoy performing.

"I'm very much on the record saying that 'Wait and Bleed' is a pain in my fucking ass. I've been singing it for 26 years and it hasn't gotten easier, folks!" he admitted. "But I still sing it with Slipknot and with my solo project, which tells you how much of a psycho I am, because I know people love that song. So, you gotta do it — and listen, it's a good problem to have."

A song the frontman finds underrated, on the other hand, is from their 2004 album Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses). 

"To me, the most underrated Slipknot song is 'Danger — Keep Away.' I love both versions, the one that's on the album [Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)] and the uncut version that eventually came out. There's some beautiful parts to that song," he reasoned.

READ MORE: These Are the 42 Songs Slipknot Have Never Played Live lists "Wait and Bleed" as Slipknot's fourth most-played song ever, having appeared on 964 of their setlists. "Danger — Keep Away" has apparently never been played live, though, so perhaps it would make a good addition the next time they go on tour.

The only upcoming performance they have planned as of now is the Blue Ridge Rock Festival in September, but in the meantime, Taylor will be out on his own headlining tour in support of his forthcoming solo album CMF2The trek kicks off Aug. 25 in Denver, Colorado. See the rest of the dates here, and check out his latest song from the album "Talk Sick" below.

“That sick guitar at the beginning, I played that through a speaker about the size of a coffee cup. It made it sound violent; you feel like you're being stung by bees who are playing along to the Sex Pistols,” Taylor described of the song.“There’s an element of spiritual regurgitation, trying to purge yourself of demons that have been clinging to you because of prior relationships, romantic or otherwise. You realize those people bring a certain asshole side out of you that you don't necessarily want in your life. It's about trying to lance that boil and get that sickness out of you.”

Corey Taylor, 'Talk Sick'

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