Do you have a stash of COVID-19 tests at home? In the pantry, the cupboard, maybe even hiding in the linen closet? Well, it is time to find your COVID test stash and check it.

Why do you need to check it? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced another test recall. There is a specific brand that might have been contaminated with bacteria.

Which COVID-19 tests are being recalled? recalls, canva recalls, canva

The COVID-19 tests that are being recalled by the FDA this time around are the ones that were made by SD Biosensor, Inc. and sold under the brand name PILOT. The reason that these tests have been recalled is that there is potential bacterial contamination in the liquid vials of the solution that is in the test kits.

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What should you do if you have these particular COVID tests at your home?

COVID19 test for diagnosis new corona virus
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If you have any of these test kits, you are to toss them immediately. Don't dump out the liquid solution before you toss them, you risk being contaminated if you do. Before you toss the tests, you can go to the manufacturer's website, enter information and get replacement test kits.

How many times have you had to perform one of these COVID home tests over the last 3 years? More than you care to count. Do you plan to keep COVID-19 tests in your home going forward?

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