When a concerned daughter shared a TikTok about her dad being stressed out about his creepy Christmas ornaments business after sales had declined, the response was overwhelming.

MaKayla Burns and her dad run Horrornaments, which sells horror-themed Christmas ornaments.

Last week, MaKayla shared a video of her dad pacing around their warehouse, upset about his business.

"It's the middle of December, and my dad is currently walking around the warehouse wondering why we aren't busy with orders. I've been trying so hard to promote his ornaments, but I don't know what to do anymore. And honestly it makes me so sad. Like...this is his livelihood," MaKayla wrote over the video.

"If anyone loves Halloween, he has the best horror-themed ornaments in the industry. The OGs. I have the link in my bio," she captioned the TikTok.

Watch below:

The TikTok went viral instantly. It's since been viewed over 14 million times.

Not long after MaKayla posted the clip, TikTok users peppered the comments section sharing their plans to place — or that they had already placed — an order.

"let him know when I get paid next week it's on!! I didn't know something like this existed!!" one excited person wrote.


WVTM13 reports that the company's sales boomed after the video was shared online.  In fact, Horrornaments received as many orders in the days after the video was posted as the business had received all year.

In a follow-up video, MaKayla revealed her dad getting choked up while talking about his business.

"You just saved this business. You have no idea how tickled I am," the teary-eyed man says in the clip.

Watch below:

In another video, MaKayla shared that they received 5,000 orders after the first video went viral, and have been working around the clock to keep up with demand.

Watch below:

In the comments, users were elated that the business is succeeding.

"Now THAT'S a good problem to have! Great job promoting him! Awesome ornaments, dad!" one person wrote.

"And my order still shipped within a day! Incredible. So happy for him," another commented.

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