How can he say Connecticut has better pizza until he's at least tried ours?

You get one bite and everyone knows the rules but when will they have a game where real pizza is made?

Has Dave Portnoy done a pizza review in Poughkeepsie yet? Has he been to any part of the Hudson Valley yet for his popular pizza review? It's a fair question. He spends so much time in New York City you would think he would be able to make the train ride up north for some real pizza.

Portnoy is the Founder of Bar Stool Sports and he recently made a controversial statement to many New Yorkers as he called New Haven, CT the "Pizza Capital of the U.S". That's an extremely bold statement. I need to respect Portnoy's opinion to a certain point as he's had way more pizza than I have. He definitely earned his expertise but how can he make such a claim until he's had slices from Hudson Valley pizza shops.

A man is campaigning on Facebook to get Portnoy to come to Poughkeepsie and try local pizza. A slew of comments immediately followed the directive shouting out their favorite spots for Portnoy to try.

Never underestimate the power of the internet. There's always a chance that El Presidente will see this and make it happen.  I'll even pay for the train ticket from New York City the next time he is here.

Where are some places she should check out all over the Hudson Valley?

Barstool is no stranger to the Hudson Valley as the Barstool Fund that helps small businesses selected  Irish Eyes Pub in New Windsor.

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