Honestly, this sounds like something absurd that would come from a movie like Silence of the Lambs, Shawshank Redemption, or even prison comedies like The Longest Yard, Get Hard, or Madea Goes to Jail. 

Before I really get into it, what is typically in your Amazon orders? Do you like to buy makeup or clothes? Perhaps you're getting something for your gaming setup? I typically end up having to buy printer ink for my dad every few weeks or so. Nothing too crazy.

Well, one person is not getting everything on their Amazon Wish List. I saw on a report from NBC News that had a few corrections officers sounding like Brad Pitt, asking "What's in the box?!" (If you don't get the reference, it's from a famous scene from the movie Se7en, shown below)

NBC News reported last week that Suffolk County Correction Officers discovered a meat cleaver in an Amazon package addressed to an inmate at the Riverhead Correction facility. The rest of the contents of the package were not shared by authorities, but it was said that everything except the meat cleaver was delivered to the inmate.

The correctional facility opens and inspects all packages received in accordance with state law. In a statement made by Suffolk County Sheriff Errol D. Toulon, he said:

"Careful inspection and processing of all mail and packages before they enter the correctional facility is critical. Any dangerous item, let alone a large knife, that makes its way into the facility could be deadly for staff and inmates alike... While this large meat cleaver was easy to detect, I thank my staff for their careful work in preventing smaller dangerous weapons and drugs from making their way inside through the US mail."

I'm sure that the correction officers find some interesting things in packages sometimes, but I'm sure meat cleavers don't come in every day. Did someone honestly expect that to get through security? I want to know who sent this inmate the meat cleaver, and what was the exact plan for it. I can't imagine that the inmate was about to start a butcher shop in the prison, or about to audition for Top Chef. Kudos to the officers for spotting that one.

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