Some of the biggest fans of the Halloween season debate on where to visit this October.

Being in New York it is east to forget that we're surrounded by so much rich history. It's hard to believe that here in the Hudson Valley we are only about an hour away from one of Halloween's most famous towns.

Almost everyone knows the story of Sleepy Hallow. Ichabod Crane rides to town and learns of the local ghost story with the Headless Horseman who seeks heads for revenge because his own was taken. Where did this story come from? It all started with Washington Irving's book from 1820. The legend has been reimagined several times throughout the years. It was brought to the screen by Disney in 1949 and then retold again by Tim Burton in 1999.

Did it come from some truth? It's possible.

According History, some believe that the Headless Horseman is actually based on a Hessian mercenary during the Revolutionary War. Despite the basis for the story the legend behind the town of Sleepy Hollow seems to be just a story.

What about Salem? Salem, Massachusetts is only a few hour drive from the Hudson Valley. Most of us are aware of the tragic incidents that occurred in Salem. According to History, in 1692 nearly 150 men and women were accused of witch craft. It's believed that around 25 were put to death.

Sleepy Hollow and Salem have haunting lore surrounding their pasts and both are popular tourists destinations during the Halloween season. Many Halloween fans debate about which one reigns supreme as the scariest although it might boil down to a New York vs Massachusetts debate. Doesn't it always?

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