Beer fans know that Belgium is one of the most important and influential countries in the history of our beloved beverage. With a much stronger emphasis on yeast and the traditional and wholly unique brewing styles of Trappist monks, what we've come to accept as "Belgian" style beers tend to be quite different in flavor and body than the hoppy, crisp style that many American breweries produce.

One really delicious and increasingly popular approach, though, is to blend those two styles together. Bronx Brewery has done just that, taking the slightly hoppy and refreshing pale ale style upon which they've built their reputation and using Belgian yeast to give it just enough of that bready, malty flavor to keep things interesting.

Fans of pale ales and Belgian beers alike will find plenty to love about this beer. And the best part? It's another New York beer to get you excited for this weekend's Tap NY festival. Grab that growler and pay half price at Half Time and get in the mood to drink even more New York beer!