When I started getting more involved with the volunteer program at the DCSPCA one of the things I learned at orientation was that they have a thrift shop. I thought, wow, what a good idea.

What ever you think a thrift shop is, is excatly that. Just a simple shop with random products most likely donated. They are for sale and proceeds go to help maintain the DCSPCA. It costs a lot of money to keep that place going and what a great job they do.

Most of you know by now that my dog Duggar was adopted by me from this place, the shelter not the thrift shop. He has been my unlicensed therapy dog. He has no prior training and no certification that allows him access to public buildings. But he is my best friend.

This place gives Dutchess County residents and additional oppurtunity to help their cause. Maybe you are looking for a simple gift for a friend. If you're friend openly loves animals, your $5 tchotchke from this thrift shop could be worth so much more to them, sentimentally.

If there are other ways of spreading good karma through out the Hudson Valley, let us know in the comments below!