I think this is one dog that is going to Heaven.

A dog has an astounding sense of smell. There are a lot of myths about how strong that sense actually is but there are a lot of truths as well.  Humans have just over 20 olfactory nerves. According to Dog's Best Life, K-9's have millions. Of course they are going to pick up on scents that we can't. Can dogs detect threats and even dangerous situations? One dog in the lower Hudson Valley sure can.

A church in Yorktown was saved from possibly burning to the ground thanks to one smart and protective pooch.

According to Hudson Valley NY Incident's Facebook Page, at approximately 12:45am on Sunday morning a congregant and neighbor to the church's German Shepherd started barking to get its owners attention. The pup was barking at the window. The dog's owner noticed that the nearby Yorktown Assembly of God was in flames. The dog's owner immediately called emergency services.

According to the church, The New York State Police, Mahopac Falls Fire Department, Katonah Fire Department, Mohegan Fire Department, Yorktown Fire Department, Somers Fire Department, Mahopac Fire Department and the Croton Falls Fire Department all quickly arrived at the scene. Their brave efforts were able to save the church from catastrophe. Yorktown Assembly of God is grateful for their assistance.

The church will need to make some repairs and is looking to the community for help. If you would like to help the church in any way they have set up a GoFundme page for support.

I don't know what the churches pet policy is but I think they should make an exception for Bear, the heroic German Shepherd.

Of course he is allowed in. Let's make this dog famous.

Yorktown Assembly of God
Yorktown Assembly of God

Here is a video of the fire on Sunday morning.

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