Hundreds of people are looking for answers after two dogs were rescued in Sullivan County, NY. Not only did they appear to have been neglected, but one of the dogs was missing both its back feet.

"Do Not Return to Owners"

The original post by the Sullivan County SPCA (SCSPCA) has been shared nearly 1,000 times, with many Hudson Valley residents expressing outrage at how these dogs seem to have been treated. "Do not return to owners. I hope you find new homes to be loved in", was the plea of one commenter. Others had even darker suspicions.
Two dogs were recently rescued in Sullivan County (

"It Looks Like They Were Bait Dogs"

"They look like they were bait dogs, don't give them back", said a Sullivan County woman, referring to weakened dogs that are horrifically used as "practice" for trained fighting dogs. Luckily, both dogs don't seem to have any scarring or other violent injuries that may have pointed to this possibility. On a brighter note, several other commenters had a wonderful idea for the dog missing its paws.

Solution for Dog Missing its Back Paws

"If no one adopts please get back to me. I would have 3d printed prosthetic paws made up for the poor boy", offered a Walden man. "I can and will 3D print them for free!!!", commented a local elementary school teacher. Here's the process the SPCA needs to go through before the dogs can be put up for adoption.
There were hundreds of comments like these from Hudson Valley residents (

The Next Steps for Rescued Dogs

While many people wanted to adopt these dogs immediately, there is a process that must be followed. "The vet is not legally allowed to see them until [after] the seven day hold", shared the SCSPCA. "At that point we will put up a go fund me because I think it’s going to be a costly fix", they continued.

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The SCSPCA promises an update on the dogs' condition and status soon. The silver lining seems to be that no matter the diagnoses, there are many caring people that would love to welcome them into their homes. Check out some more miraculous rescues below.

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