A Hudson Valley teen died while potentially drag racing on the Saw Mill Parkway.

Early Monday morning, Zachary Dunn, 18, of Yonkers was killed and his passenger injured after his car broke down and an Acrua TSX rear-ended Dunn’s vehicle under the McLean Avenue Bridge on the Saw Mill Parkway.

Police say the occupants of the other vehicle then ditched the Acura and fled in a third car.

According to CBS, witnesses told police they saw the cars driving wildly and believe they may have been drag racing.

Officials had to use hydraulic rescue tools to free Dunn from his mangled care. He was pronounced dead shortly after at Jacobi Medical Center. He graduated from high school in June and was expected to start college at SUNY Westchester Tuesday.

Police in Westchester are expected to file charges in the near future, CBS reports.