Tips To Earning Back Credibility with the IRS and New York State:

The most effective way to earn back credibility with the IRS and New York State is to communicate effectively, promise only what you can deliver and strictly honor your deadlines.

You will soon find that they are just as interested in solving your issue as you are.

Don't give in to the temptation of committing to more than you can deliver just to make the tax department happy.

Make electronic payments whenever possible because they are the most reliable forms of payment and are readily traceable in the event you have to substantiate your payments.

If paying by written check, clearly document your name. address, telephone number, social security number and tax period on the face of the check.

Questions For The Tax Expert:

What Can I expect to happen during our first meeting?
At our first meeting I will contact the IRS and New York State and define exactly what the issues are. Then I will stabilize the situation by getting a hold placed on enforcement action such as levies and garnishments. And finally request transcript information from the IRS, such as W-2's and 1099's.

How are my fees calculated?
Fees are charged for each Power of Attorney and application that needs to be filed (usually three) and for each year's back tax returns that needs to be prepared.

What happens if I owe taxes?
If you owe taxes then as a separate engagement I can represent you to negotiate an installment agreement, get classified as currently uncollectible or and Offer-in-Compromise as applicable to your situation.

Is any of my consultation free?
I will define your tax matter and quote a fee for services at no charge.

When can I expect my tax matter to be solved?
The length of time to solve a tax matter varies according the magnitude of each case and how timely you can answer any questions we may have.

Suppose I don't have any information?
In most cases I can get nearly all the information I need to complete you case directly from the IRS. You may need to have social security numbers of dependants and certain other information so we may get your tax liability to the lowest legal amount.

How do I start?
You can begin solving your tax problem with a telephone call to Jerry Rossi at (845) 477-3328 that's (845) IRS-DEBT.