I'm a mom, I work multiple jobs, life is typically crazy, right?  My weekends are normally mapped out and scheduled with soccer practices, birthday parties, assigned time to clean and do laundry, you know, that #adultlife stuff --- this weekend I found myself not once, but twice, saying out loud "am I supposed to be doing something right now?"

Soccer is over, we had a little break on the birthday party front this weekend, I even had the house TO MYSELF for multiple hours at a time, and I honestly didn't know what to do...

Do I catch up on cleaning an organizing - nope, don't want to!

Should I binge watch a show - nah, too nice outside!

Grocery shopping - that can wait too!

Call me a little bit of a loser, but I actually sat, in silence, for almost an hour at one point...then it got too quiet so I cranked some Pearl Jam and had a glass of wine and sat outside on my deck, I even read a little bit of a book i've had sitting on the counter in my dining room for a month - #selfcare

Do you find yourself having those moments of "I should be doing" or "I can't do this because I have to do that" --- I say, our lives are too busy, find that time for yourself, do something for you, or even do nothing at all.  Who knows, you may find yourself feeling refreshed and reenergized...now, to that grocery shopping and cleaning that didn't get done yesterday :)