Did you take advantage of the New York State Excelsior Pass (when it was created) so you would have a digital copy of your COVID-19 vaccine record with you wherever you go? The pass is free and available to anyone in most everyone's app stores to download.

The NYS Excelsior Pass can show digital proof of either vaccination status or negative COVID test results. While this pass is a great resource to have, did you know that it expires? To continue having valid proof for the vaccination, what will you need to do? How many types of Excelsior Pass are there? 

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How many types of New York State Excelsior Passes are there?

Olena Hololobova
Olena Hololobova

How many types of digital Excelsior Passes are there? There are three, the original Excelsior Pass, the Excelsior PCR, which expires 3-days after the test result, and then the Excelsior Antigen Pass, which is valid for 6-hours after you take the COVID test.

So the original NYS Excelsior Pass is expiring? When is it expiring and what do you do to prove that you have been vaccinated?


The original New York State Excelsior Pass is expiring on June 30, 2022. What do you need to do to make sure that you have digital proof of your current vaccination status? You can then add, not only your first two vaccinations to the new Excelsior Pass Plus (which you will need to download from your app store, for free) but you can also add your proof of boosters to the new version of the Excelsior Pass Plus, which is available in 10 languages.

Is there something special you should do if you think you have been exposed to COVID-19?

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