When you think about allergies you usually picture spring flowers in bloom, but during the first week of fall, much of the Hudson Valley has found itself in allergy hell.

Pollen counts in the Hudson Valley are at extremely high levels this week. And if you think the forecasted rain is going to make things better, we've got some bad news for you.

According to Accuweather, some local allergens are at high levels and are expected to continue to increase through the weekend. Experts are warning local residents to plan their medication ahead and be mindful when scheduling outdoor activities due to the increase in allergies.

Right now, the two biggest allergens are ragweed and grass. For Thursday, September 23, ragweed is at a "high" level, increasing to a "very high" level of 7 on Friday and Saturday. Grass pollen is seeing a similar trend, increasing to "very high" through the weekend.

Those who suffer from weather-related asthma attacks are also being warned that Thursday, September 23 brings a "high risk" for weather-related asthma attacks. The current weather forecast is expected to make asthma attacks "more likely to be severe and of longer duration."  This high-risk situation is expected to diminish over the next couple of days.

This year has been especially bad for fall allergies due to the wet weather we received over the summer. As temperatures continue to remain mild, ragweed and grass will continue to grow and release pollen. The extended forecast for the Hudson Valley shows temperatures remaining in the low 70s throughout next week.

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