Paramore are finally back with their sixth studio album, This Is Why, which comes after a nearly six year wait between albums. The band's return to touring was met warmly last fall and the first singles from the new album have been well received, but now that the record is out, what does everyone think?

In advance of the new album dropping, Paramore provided fans with a little clarity about the mindset that hovers over the release, sharing on social media the following commentary:


It's been 5.5 years since we released our last album. What'd we miss?

If within the last 5.5 years, you've felt/experienced sensations of:

- Agoraphobia
- Righteous Rage
- Confused About the Difference Between Selfishness and Self-Preservation
- Complete and Utter Apathy
- Cabin Fever
- Deep-Seated Vengefulness
- Moral Superiority
- Dissociation
- Disassociation
- Disbelieve at the Inconsistencies of the American-English Language
- American Psycho
- Revelation
- Nostalgia for Things You've Not Yet Experiences and Did Not Know You Even Wanted
- Resignation

Then oh boy, do we have an album for you.

Our new album, This Is Why, is out tomorrow - Paramore.

That definitely set the stage, with what some are calling the band's most politically-inspired record.

As for the early returns, Pop Crave revealed that the album received a 91 out of 100 score on Metacritic, which is definitely something promising for longtime fans of the band.

That said, not everyone is a fan, with Pitchfork offering it a middling score of 6.3 out of 10. While not a horrible review, Paramore fans did take umbrage with some of the comments that referred to the band as "Hayley and co." and noted her "monotone vocals." See some of those responses below.

But, for the most part, fans have expressed their love for Paramore's new record. "Gonna just have @paramore’s now album on repeat for the rest of the year. Thank you," wrote one commenter. While others dug more into the artistic direction and how it's impacting them. "It's that time of year where I have to do my self-assessment smh. Paramore album getting me thru it tho," said one person, while another added, "God damn, Hayley has never sounded so ... fearless? Nothing feels like a safe choice." 

Dig in to some of the reactions to Paramore's This Is Why album and you can stream the new record in the Spotify player below the commentary. The album is available to order here.

Paramore, This Is Why Album

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