If you spend enough time outside in the Hudson Valley you are bound to run into some wildlife. No Matter where you live be it the City of Poughkeepsie or the backside of the Ridge in Accord, New York you are going to run across deer, raccoons, and now a days a bear or two.

More than ever for our sake and for the sake of our furry wild friends it is good that we have groups in our area that know how to care for wild life that find themselves in bad situations.. One of those groups is a nonprofit called the Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center (FFFWC)

Hudson Valley Wildlife Center Releases Orphan Fawns in Upstate New York

The FFFWC as I like to call them have come to the aid of many wildlife animals in our area over the years. Most recently they took in bears cubs, fox kits, injured eagles and what some might call a small herd of deer. There mission is to rehab these animals and get them back to their forest homes. "Let Wild  Be Wild" is their mission and motto.

The FFFWC has recently released a four year old bald eagle that was found in January with a broken wing. Over the late winter they took in number of orphaned bear cubs including two whose mother was killed by a train. Recently they had a group of orphaned deer they helped along until they were big enough to fend for themselves.

What is Friends of the Feathered and Furry Do for Wildlife in New York

One of the things the FFFWC prides itself in is being able to keep the animals wild even though they may be undergoing medical care. One of the fawns they released this week had a wound they treated daily but somehow the FFFWC manage to maintain a relationship that kept the injured fawn ready to be wild at release time and not depend on human contact.

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The FFWC is located in Hunter, New York and can always use support both volunteer and financial. Look in on their social media to see their good work they do for the wildlife in New York.

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