What is the fascination with a bidet? I tried one for the first and last time after I was left feeling violated.

If you don't know what a bidet actually is. Basically, it's a toilet attachment that sprays water to help better clean yourself after going to the bathroom. It appears to have been an invention created in France in the late 17th century that many consider an indispensable tool in maintaining good personal hygiene. In several European countries, a bidet is now even required by law.

Credit- Amazon
Credit- Amazon

The invention didn't make its way to the United States until much later. John Harvey Kellogg applied for a patent on an "anal douche" in 1928.

I'm always game to try anything once. And once was all I needed for this whole bidet experience.

It doesn't just gently spray a fountain of water that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. It shoots a high-velocity stream straight up that feels more like a power washer providing an underbody blast. Oh, you can control the pressure, but even the smallest spurt was more than my backside or my brain could handle.

Watch the first-time bidet experience.

DIY Bidet

You can easily turn your own toilet into a bidet for as little as 30 bucks if you're so inclined. It's simply an attachment and there are plenty of options available on Amazon.

Credit - Amazon
Credit - Amazon

You can keep your bidet. I'll stick with my rolls of toilet paper.

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