A relativity new hot dog eatery with "mouth-watering" options was just named the best hot dog shop in all of New York State.

Today, Wednesday, July 20 is National Hot Dog Day. Something I learned today is National Hot Dog Day falls on the third Wednesday each July.

"Hot-diggity-dog! ‘Relish’ in this savory favorite on National Hot Dog Day on the third Wednesday in July," National Today states about National Hot Dog Day. "When we think of summer, hot dogs come to mind almost immediately. It’s just part of the overall experience."

First Hot Dog In America Was Made In New York State


I also learned today New York State was home to the first hot dog in America. In the 19th century, German immigrants brought with them their own meals, including the hot dog, to New York.

In the 1870s, a German immigrant, Charles Feltman started selling hot dogs from a stand in Coney Island. Legend has it he sold over 3,600 hot dogs in his first year in business.

Being that July 20, 2022, is National Hot Dog day, Hudson Valley Post was wondering where can you find the best hot dogs in the Hudson Valley and across New York State.

 Favorite Hudson Valley Hot Dog Spots

Holydog Goggle Maps
Holydog Goggle Maps

Luckily for us, WPDH legends Robyn Taylor and Tigman polled Hudson Valley residents to find out the Hudson Valley's favorite hot dog spots.

You can see the full list below. Some of the hot dog spots that made the list are:

Holydog in Middletown, New York

Dallas Hot Wieners in Kingston, New York

Pete's Hot Dogs in Newburgh, New York

Newburgh Lunch in Newburgh, New York

Smith Street Hot Dogs in Poughkeepsie, New York

Pam's Bun 'N' Run in Pleasant Valley, New York


Best Hot Dog In The Hudson Valley

Google Maps
Google Maps

Each year the WPDH listeners, by an overwhelming majority, name Pete's Hot Dogs in Newburgh has best place for hot dogs in the Hudson Valley. Pete's opened up in 1932. The family business turned 90 this year.

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Best Hot Dog In New York State

While the Hudson Valley is home to some amazing hot dogs, sadly we can't claim to be home to the best hot dog in the Empire State. At least not according to Eat This, Not That.

Photo by Ball Park Brand on Unsplash
Photo by Ball Park Brand on Unsplash

Earlier this month Eat This Not That wrote an article titled "This Is the #1 Best Hot Dog in Your State."

"Choosing the best hot dog in New York is no easy feat," Eat This, Not That states about the Empire State's best hot dog.

At least Eat This, Not That realizes its very hard to name the best hot dog in New York State. So what's the best?

Crif Dogs, East Village, New York City


Eat This, Not That named Crif Dogs in New York City as the best place for hot dogs in New York.

"Crif Dogs gets the honor thanks to its naturally-smoked pork and beef franks. You also have the option of combining two of New York's best foods: hot dogs and bagels. The Jon-Jon Deragon is a hot dog made with bagel toppings," Eat This, Not That states about Crif Dogs.

I of course had to do my own research about Crif Dogs and I gotta say I can see why some might think it's home to New York's best hot dogs.

"Since 2001 we’ve been serving up signature dogs, burgers, and tots to the most discerning hot dog connoisseurs on the planet...New Yorkers," Crif Dogs writes on Facebook.

East Village, New York City Home To New York's Best Hot Dog

Crif Dogs is located at 113 St Marks Place in the East Village.


"For the past 20 years, Grif Dogs has been an East Village staple," Crif Dogs writes on its website. "It is your classic New York hot dog stand serving creative dogs that have their own unique personalities (just like New Yorker.) It has everything you love about the city and more. It's gritty but quality; it's edguty but welcoming. It's frankly the best."

I'll be honest, props to whoever came up with that pun "frankly the best."

One MASSIVE thing Eat This, Not That failed to mention is most of Crif Dogs' hot dogs are "deep fried" and "bacon-wrapped," according to the eatery's menu.

More information about all of the best Hudson Valley hot dog stands is below.

5 Outstanding Hot Dog Stands in the Hudson Valley

5 Places to Get a Great Hot Dog in the Hudson Valley

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