Does your family do any fun to you, but likely weird to outsiders, family traditions around the holidays?  Growing up we had a few things that stuck around, and now that my sister and I are grown up and out of the house, we've kept with some of these traditions...because it just wouldn't be Christmas without:

  • Christmas morning lottery scratch off sessions where we secretly (or sometimes not so secretly) get mad when someone else wins big and we get NOTHING from our stocking stuffer scratchies.
  • "Scroll" gifts - anyone else?  When the gift is just that good that you create some sort of fancy printout, tie it up and hand it over with a big grin?  Think concert tickets, getaways, or you were a little late with your shopping and had to give an I.O.U printout because it didn't arrive in time.
  • Funny gift tags...i'm not sure how or when this started, but years ago someone in my family signed a tag from some random celebrity name, and now we all try to top each other on who gave the best gift.  Some of my favorites - anyone from the Griswolds, retired Yankees players, reality TV stars.
  • Last year we introduced the "Saran Wrap" game to our Christmas morning festivities - putting random stuff (think bandaids, chapstick - all new of course)  along with some cool prizes like gift cards, lottery tickets and candy, all layered up inside a mega-sized roll of wrap that you unwrap as fast as you can.  Check out this how-to if you want to give it a try to entertain the fam this year.

So, what's on your list of fun family traditions that it just wouldn't be Christmas without?